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June 16, 2021

Illegal fly-tipping cleared from local Scout Hut

Following a recent illegal fly-tipping incident at the Peaslake and Shere Scout Hut Chambers stepped in to remove the hazardous waste free of charge. Sadly this is an all too common occurrence across the Surrey and Hampshire countryside and one that blights the landscape and causes untold issues for residents, business and wildlife alike.

The hazardous containers were dumped behind the scout hut, an area normally reserved for building campfires and outdoor activities for the children. Sarah Egerton from the Peaslake and Shere Scout Hut said ‘we are grateful to Chambers for removing the containers free of charge. As a charity we do not have the funds to deal with these types of issues, it is a terrible shame that somebody would feel it necessary to dump their rubbish in a place designed for children to play and explore’. Following a number of quotes from local disposal companies Chambers stepped in to offer its services free of charge, being more than happy to help on this occasion.

Chambers is heavily invested in the local community in Surrey and Hampshire and the surrounding areas wherever possible will support local businesses and charities to preserve the environment for generations to come.

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