At the heart of this commitment is our materials recovery facility (MRF) in Slyfield, near Guildford. Find out more.

Up to 98% of all the waste we handle goes on to be recycled. Unlike many of our competitors, we recycle up to 95% of the contents of our skips and roll-on roll-off containers.

Here are some of the things we recycle and what we do with them:


We chip unmanufactured timber (eg pallets) and send it to fuel power stations.

Paper and card

Our commercial recycling bins are dedicated to collecting waste paper and card from businesses. This is then transported to a factory in Kent where it’s recycled into new cardboard for boxes.

The dirty paper we extract from mixed waste goes to make the outer covering for new plasterboard.

Before sending the paper and card off to be recycled, we compact it using a baler. This ensures it takes up as little space as possible so we can transport more at one time, reducing the impact on the environment.


Our materials recovery facility separates out magnetic metals; other metals are picked out by hand. We then send it to be recycled locally.


All glass is crushed into aggregates


Plastics are baled and then sent on to a specialist recovery operation, where it is sorted and separated, cleaned and then granulated for direct reuse in the plastic manufacturing industry.

Inert waste

Any inert waste is transported to our Runfold site where it is recycled through our washing plant. The resulting secondary washed aggregates are available for sale.


We can supply a monthly summary of all the materials that have been successfully recycled by your company. These figures will help you demonstrate to your stakeholders that your company cares about the environment. You can also use this information to support an application for ISO 14001 certification.

If you have already segregated your different waste streams, we may be able to offer you a discount.

Please contact us to find out more about any of our recycling services.