These convenient 240, 360, 660 and 1,100 litre wheeled Containers are designed for all types of general business waste (apart from Dry Mixed Recycling, our commercial recycling bins are the best solution for those).

There is no need to separate cardboard, paper, newspaper, plastic bottles and containers, steel and aluminium cans, so you can increase your recycling rates simply and more effectively. It not only saves time it can reduce your costs considerably.

If you’re looking to maximise your recycling and save money, these dedicated wheeled containers, available in 240, 360, 660 and 1100 litre sizes are right for you. Just load them up with all recyclables and we’ll do the rest.

Many of our containers are lockable which enhances security and prevents misuse of your container by others.

If you don’t have the space or have an access problem, our bag collection service is available and designed for you.

We can also supply internal recycling points and promotional literature in order to assist you in maximising your recycling.

These containers are collected on an agreed scheduled. We offer a service Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings with either a weekly or fortnightly collection to suit your needs.

For customers such as schools who do not always need a collection service 52 weeks of the year we only charge for the weeks we collect. Should you not need your bin emptied for a few weeks, just give us a call. This service reduces environmental impact and avoids wasting fuel on unnecessary collections; it could mean additional substantial savings for you.