You could be a homeowner who needs a skip. You could be a business that needs its waste collected quickly and efficiently. Maybe you just want large volumes of waste collected by either a grab lorry or tipper lorry?

Or are you looking for a more comprehensive, complete waste management service for your construction site – together with high-quality building materials?

Chambers delivers a range of services that are focused on you and your requirements. Customer service has always been a key driver of our company, and we strive to ensure that we exceed the expectations of everyone we do business with.

Let Chambers provide you with a more efficient and cost-effective waste management service.

So many people “see us as a” friendly locally-based organisation that’s committed to its region.

But many of our customers don’t realise the sheer breadth of resources that we can offer. In short, whatever you need from your waste collection, waste management and recycling partner, we can create the integrated solution that’s right for you.

Not only that, you can count on our team for an in-depth knowledge of current legislation and best practice.

These are changing all the time, so we’ll make sure that you have the information and advice you need to ensure that you always comply with the law, good environmental practice and your corporate social responsibility commitments.

Our Environmental Commitment

We’re committed to maximising the recovery of reusable materials and minimising the volume sent to landfill. We’ve invested in industry-leading materials recovery facilities (MRF).

For commercial customers, we can supply monthly reports showing how much of each waste stream has been successfully recycled. This helps them document their activities to ensure that they comply with relevant legislation. It can also support their application for relevant accreditation.

We believe that being responsible about dealing with waste in a sustainable way – now and into the future – makes both economical and ecological sense.

We currently recycle up to 98% of all the waste we handle.

Should you have any questions, call us now on 01483 504595 and arrange an informal discussion