Whenever waste is removed from the site, you are legally responsible for recording the quantities of each type of material.

If your construction project has a value in excess of £300,000 (excluding VAT) you are required by law to produce a site waste management plan. For projects in excess of £500,000 you must also record how much of each waste stream was reused, recycled or otherwise recovered and how much went to landfill.

We can help you make this complex and time-consuming job a whole lot easier. Providing a comprehensive list of all the materials from your site that we have handled, we will detail the quantities of each and how much of each waste type was recycled.

Thanks to our industry-leading materials recovery and aggregate washing facilities, you will find that a good percentage of your waste is recycled and didn’t go to landfill. These impressive figures are a powerful tool to help you market your business as sustainable and environmentally responsible.

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Construction Waste and Recycling Services

A full range of containers and services are available from a simple bag collection, small wheeled containers such as the 1100 litre, through to skips, REL’s and RORO (roll-on-roll-off) Containers.