These plants were specifically designed to process and sort all the waste we collect via our Trade Waste and Dry Mixed Recyclable collection service. They are the only facilities of their type in the area that deals with industrial and commercial wastes.

As a result of our continuing investment we have created many new Jobs and now divert over 98% of all the waste we collect away from Landfill, demonstrating our commitment to the investing in our local economy and our continual efforts to reduce the impact waste has on our community’s environment.

Our facilities ensure that all waste we collect is sorted ad separated. This enables us to recycle material that had previously not been able to be collected separately. We are able to turn waste that would have traditionally been landfilled into a esource. This material is now converted into an engineered fuel for use in Power stations to generate electricity helping us reduce our dependence on nonrenewable fossil fuels.

As this facility now allows us to sort the recyclable materials from the non-recyclables materials it will not only ensure we minimise the environmental impact of the waste that our customers generate and that we collect has on our local environment, but also opens up new opportunities for us to reduce the carbon impact that our collection vehicles have on our local environment.

Over the next few months we plan to introduce some changes in the way we collect our customers waste and recyclables:

Currently most customers have a container for General Waste known as a Dumpy Bin and a separate container for Recyclables know as a Doris bin and these are collected by separate vehicles.

Our new facilities enable us to collect these containers at the same time on the same vehicle, reducing the number of vehicles having to visit each of our clients. This reduces the carbon emissions of our vehicles, the use of non-renewable fuels, and congestion and helps us all to reduce the impact that our collections and your waste management needs may have on our community.

What do our customers, who currently have separate types of bins or collections have to do? The simple answer is nothing.

However, as the processing costs of recyclables such as Cardboard, Paper, Plastics and Cans and Tins is lower than that of general waste, it is essential that if you have a separate Doris bin for your recyclables. We can identify what proportion of your waste is recyclable and continue to pass on these savings to you as we currently do.

These changes will help us to continue to offer all our clients a competitive and environmentally sustainable solution for their waste management requirements.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding these changes please do not hesitate to contact us.
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Trade Waste and Recycling Services

A full range of containers and services are available from a simple bag collection, small wheeled containers such as the 1100 litre, through to skips, REL’s and RORO (roll-on-roll-off) Containers.