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June 15, 2017

Chambers pave the way in aggregate recycling

As part of our head office and workshop redevelopment at our North Moors depot, we have also recently completed the re-surfacing of 8,750 m2 of the site using our own products. During the resurfacing work a total of 2,200 cubic metres of 40-45N strength concrete was poured, of which over 90% has been made using washed recycled aggregates sourced from our own recycling operations at Chambers Runfold.

The ballast for this concrete has come from the soil washing plant at Chambers Runfold and then mixed in our own volumetric mixers. As most of the aggregates were sourced from our own recycling operations we have been able to recover high quality material from waste previously destined for landfill which was now been diverted and used to in materials to concrete the new yard instead.

Peter Chambers, Group Chairman and CEO said “We have surfaced an area larger than a football pitch in order to create a cleaner and safer working environment. Where possible we have always used our own products and, on the rare occasions we didn’t have capacity, we used third party materials. It has taken us over 7 months to complete the job, but it’s all been worth it to ensure our newly surfaced yard has been produced as environmentally friendly as possible. By using locally produced recycled materials and conserving primary aggregate, we have been able to reduce our carbon footprint and enhance our green credentials.”

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