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December 1, 2022

Hazardous waste poses fire risk at our Materials Recovery Facility

14 items that ignite when incorrectly binned

Did you know that more than 300 fires happen at waste and recycling plants every year in the UK – often caused by items being disposed of incorrectly? Items such as aerosols and batteries are commonly sent to our Materials Recovery Facility in Slyfield, but these can ignite and put our staff and site at risk.

You can help minimise the risk to human life, business and the environment by making 100% sure that no potentially hazardous items go into our bins, REL containers or sacks.

But this begs the question:
What items are considered potentially hazardous?
We know the rules around waste disposal can be a little confusing so here’s a quick list to remind you.

What materials pose a threat to our facility?

The following types of waste cannot go in any of our bins, REL containers or sacks:

· Hazardous wastes or liquids

· Batteries

· Fuels and oils

· Chemicals

· Electrical equipment

· Paint, resins, thinners or adhesives

· Raw meat or fish

· Asbestos

· Toners

· Explosives

· Gas bottles or canisters

· Radioactive materials

· Nappies

· Animal faeces or cat litter

·  Nappies

·  Animal faeces or cat litter

What makes them hazardous?

Everything on the list above is deemed hazardous by the Environment Agency and must not be disposed of in the same way as general or recycling waste.

If they are, it’s likely that they’ll be handled in ways we would never knowingly treat such items.

They may be compacted, punctured, become wet or get overheated, putting them at risk of igniting.

For example, aerosols contain pressurised liquid or gas that could explode when heated or compacted. Even empty cans must never be punctured as chemical residue could still be inside.

So how should you dispose of hazardous waste?

If you’re dealing with any of the materials mentioned, we can still help!

We provide a collection, treatment, and disposal service either directly or through specialist sub-contractors to ensure your waste is dealt with safely and that you meet all relevant legislation in the process.

If you’re unsure whether your materials are deemed hazardous or would like advice on how to dispose of your waste, please call us on 01483 504595. A member of our team will be happy to advise.

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