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October 11, 2016

Mercedes Econic Compaction Lorry adds to Chambers already impressive fleet

We are proud to have added another efficient new vehicle to our ever expanding fleet: a Mercedes Econic 2630. This investment is another step forward as we deliver innovative new technologies to help us improve all the services we deliver, as well as adding more capacity.

The Mercedes is a special-purpose truck which offers air suspension along with a lifting and lowering function on all axles. The fuel consumption of the Econic has been reduced by up to 4% along with dramatically reduced emissions; as much as 90% lower when compared with previous engines.

With a six-cylinder engine and six-speed Allison automatic suspension, the vehicle can handle all types of waste from wet waste to bulkier items. Its tough compaction mechanism and wide internal body make light work of industrial and large items and offers the highest standard of durability. The integrated trade lift has been supplied with VWS Enviroweigh bin weighing equipment, in line with the rest of our vehicles.

We can’t wait to introduce this brand new member of our fleet to our valued customers.

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