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May 20, 2019

New fire protection system in action at our Guildford recycling centre

We at Chambers Waste Management have been very concerned by the increasing number of fires at waste sites around the country, so last year we committed to installing a fire deluge system at our Guildford Recycling Centre and the challenges of finding suitable insurance.

We went out to tender to find a company who could provide a top of the range system that would meet our insurers’ approval.  Applicants also needed to be able to fit the system out of hours, to prevent disruption to our daily business activities.

The succesful applicant was Kean Fire Protection Company of Willenhall in the West Midlands, and we are delighted that the system is now up and running. It is completely automatic, with a mixture of water cannons and sprinklers and has the ability to activate water pumps within 30 seconds of a fire being detected. The System stores 1100 tonnes of water and has two stand-by Clarke diesel engines with Armstrong Pumps each capable of pumping 2500 litres per minute. It doesn’t require a power supply, meaning it will work during a power cut and is fully independent.

Our Managing Director Peter Chambers said: “The combustible nature and quantities of materials stored within our Recycling Centre mean that a fire could have a devastating effect on our team members, our buildings and our business. Working closely with Kean and our insurers, we have invested in the best system possible, which, combined with careful on-site management, reduces the risk of a serious fire.

“Our thanks go to Kean Fire, who carried out the installation completely out of hours with no disruption to our daily activities. We would have no hesitation in recommending the company for the installation of similar systems.”

Located at North Moors, GU1 1SE, our Guildford Recycling Centre (also known as our Materials Recovery Facility), handles waste for trade, construction and household customers – be it plasterboard, aggregates, wood, metal, plastic, cabling and glass or paper and card. Up to 98% of all the waste we handle goes on to be recycled.

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