With a range of sizes available, we have skips for all types of domestic projects. Whether you are renovating your home, landscaping your garden or clearing out your garage, we've got the perfect solution.

Chambers skips in use

We recycle up to 98% of the materials recovered from a typical domestic skip so it is the most sustainable way of removing waste from your home.

Please note, that if you are removing plasterboard you should hire a separate container such as one of our one tonne Dumpy bags to comply with Environmental legislation.

If you don’t have a driveway or there is not enough room on your property we can arrange to obtain a permit for the skip to be placed on the road. There will be a small fee, which varies depending on the local authority and if we are unable to obtain the necessary permit we’ll offer you our wait and load service instead.

We have 5 sizes of skip available for hire:

  • 4 cubic yard
  • 6 cubic yard
  • 8 cubic yard
  • 10 cubic yard
  • 12 cubic yard.

Choose your skip

30/40 bin bags

4 Cubic Yard Skip

Height 1.22m
Width 1.56m
Length 2.05m
Capacity 3.06m3

50/60 bin bags

6 Cubic Yard Skip

Height 1.01m
Width 1.80m
Length 3.48m
Capacity 4.60m3

50/60 bin bags

8 Cubic Yard Skip

Height 1.35m
Width 1.8m
Length 3.9m
Capacity 6.1m3

80/100 bin bags

10 Cubic Yard Skip

Height 1.52m
Width 1.80m
Length 3.56m
Capacity 7.65m3

100/120 bin bags

12 Cubic Yard Skip

Light waste only. Not suitable for soil, brick or rubble
Height 1.68m
Width 1.80m
Length 3.18m
Capacity 9.17m3

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