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January 13, 2023

Are you guilty of Wishcycling?

What is Wishcycling?

Put simply, Wishcycling is the act of putting something in the recycling bin without being certain that it can actually be recycled. And Wishcycling is becoming a serious problem, one that as a well-intentioned action is doing more harm than good. These small acts of crossing our fingers and hoping something can be recycled as we toss it in the blue bin means we are complicating the recycling process for centres and contaminating the recycling system.

How we can help stop Wishcycling

There are a number of products that simply cannot be put in the recycling bins and being aware of these commonly used items will help save valuable time and resources across recycling facilities:

Always double check the labels and if you are unsure place the product in general waste to avoid valuable resources being wasted. It is also important to recycle each item separately, not doubled up inside each other as this can cause an issue for our teams when separating materials in time before they go through our machinery.

Items with food or drink residue on them also causes a big headache for our teams and often means large amounts of potentially recyclable products get thrown away. Rinsed and clean glassware, tins and trays go a long way to making the operators job easier and safer.


Raising awareness of how to avoid Wishcycling will help us all to improve the system, making in more sustainable in the long term.

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