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October 31, 2017

Unsung Heroes… Aldershot Depot Team

The next guys in our Unsung Heroes series are the team at our Aldershot Materials Recovery Facility.  The team consists of Pepe the Team Leader, Tim on the Weighbridge and Dave the Machine Operator.  The depot at Aldershot is a busy recycling facility and the cheerful guys here do a fantastic job at keeping our customers happy and everything running smoothly, so we are proud to call them Chambers Unsung Heroes.
Chambers have had a depot in Aldershot for over 30 years and it has seen massive growth in the past few years and has gone from being a transition depot/transfer station to a full recycling facility.  It helps to take some of the pressure off the Guildford facility and also handles the crushing of hardcore before it goes over to Chambers Runfold to be washed and processed, ready to be sold as aggregate.
Our Aldershot depot is an extremely busy site with a constant stream of vehicles arriving and tipping and so one of the main responsibilities of the team is to make sure that all health and safety regulations are adhered to at all times, this includes ensuring that visitors are wearing the correct PPE and all vehicles manoeuvres are carried out safely.
Pepe, the Team Leader is on site from 6.30am checking the plant and that everything is in order ready to open up at 7am.  During the day he is responsible for loading up the lorries which are transporting the recycling from the previous day over to the Guildford depot for recycling.  Pepe also looks after all the customers arriving during the day to tip, he keeps the bays in order, oversees the picking line and generally keeps the plant safe and tidy.
Tim works on the Weighbridge and is responsible for booking customers in, weighing the lorries and supplying details of segregated waste percentages.  He also helps to manage the drivers and ensure they all know where they are supposed to be going and sorting out any issues.  He’s obsessive about keeping his paperwork in perfect order, and makes a great cup of tea!
Dave is the Machine Operator and spends most of his day inside the cab of his 360 Excavator sorting through all of the waste.  He has to separate the bigger items to break them up to make them small enough to fit through the plant.  Although the work can be very tiring, Dave genuinely loves what he does, and thinks he has the best job in the world.
The Aldershot team really enjoy working together in a professional and friendly environment, they all know they can rely on each other totally, whilst still enjoying a fair bit of good humoured banter. Luckily they enjoy working outdoors, even in the rain as it keeps everything clean – though they are not so keen on the wind!
When they are not at work Dave spends most of his spare time fishing and going to steam shows collecting model engines, Tim loves his motor bikes and GP motor racing and Pepe is kept busy with DIY projects and his two young daughters.

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