New photography of our Guildford Recycling Centre

Check out these latest photos of our Guildford Recycling Centre. They feature our waste reception building and waste segregation and material processing units, as well as some of our favourite lorries.

The water storage tank to the right is part of our new top of the range  fire deluge system recently installed to reduce the risk of a serous fire. We resurfaced this area using washed recycled ballast sourced from our very own recycling operations.

Located at North Moors, GU1 1SE, our Recycling Centre handles waste for trade, construction and household customers to 98% of all the waste we handle goes on to be recycled.

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If it hadn’t been for Chambers…

Moving house can be challenging at the best of times, but when you’re hard up and have lived in your home for a decade, accumulating a lot of stuff that won’t fit into your new, smaller home, it can become a nightmare. That was the situation facing Sarah (not her real name) who was about to move from one council home to another, wondering what on earth could she do with all the junk? She needed a skip but couldn’t afford one.

In desperation Sarah made a call to the Henry Smith Fund – a local charity that makes small grants to help those in financial need.  And we at the Henry Smith Fund were delighted to help but sadly we couldn’t afford the full cost of the skip hire either. So, we made a call to Chambers who nobly stepped in, providing a large skip for a very significantly reduced fee. Chambers handled all the arrangements, making sure that the skip was in place exactly when and where Sarah needed it.

Although moving house wasn’t easy for Sarah it was very much more manageable than it would have been without the help of Chambers. We are delighted that we could work with Chambers to support a local lady in need and are very grateful for their active and wholehearted cooperation.

Jenny Hipwell

Clerk to the Henry Smith Fund, Shere

Pepe faces his fear of heights

Team leader of our Aldershot recycling facility, Pepe Bytyqi, has faced his fear of heights by abseiling 160ft down Guildford Cathedral!

Pepe agreed to the challenge to raise money for Guildford County School, which his daughter attends. The school is fundraising for a new indoor full-size sports hall on its Farnham Road site.

Pepe said: “I really don’t like heights but I just couldn’t say no to the school. The tipping point off the roof of the cathedral was terrifying but the rest of the descent wasn’t too bad.

“I managed to raise £510, which includes a £250 donation from Chambers. Big thanks to all my very kind sponsors.”

Pepe has now caught the abseiling bug and is planning his next mission, again in aid of  the school.  This time it will be down Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth – which is over double the height of Guildford Cathedral!

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Will you join us on our journey to reduce plastic?

Have you been thinking of reducing your everyday plastic use but don’t know where to start? Well here at Chambers we have been cutting down on plastic both at home and at work, so would love to share our journey with you so far. And since it’s #plasticfreejuly, we hope you give it a try.

As specialists in recycling, skip hire, and waste management, we would love to see single use plastics banned. The culprits in question – like straws, cling film, shopping bags, take away containers and shampoo bottles – are thrown away after one use. And because plastic isn’t biodegradable, they then break down into tiny particles over centuries, releasing dangerous chemicals that poison our planet, people and animals.

Reducing plastic in the home

So let’s begin with our plastic-free drive at home, where every member of the Chambers household is making a big effort. Even our youngest family member has set up an Instagram account recommending plastic alternatives for the home. Check it out at @partingwithplastic112

Our efforts include:

  • Buying loose fruit and veg, and fish and meat in paper bags
  • Choosing sauces and condiments in glass jars instead of squeezy ones. Glass is 100 % recyclable.
  • Carrying our own bags around with us, so we never need to buy a plastic carrier bag
  • Ordering milk and yoghurt in glass bottles from the milkman
  • Replacing cling film with umbrella food covers, silicone pot covers and glass jars
  • Always carrying re-usable water bottles
  • Using non plastic packaged shampoo and soap bars
  • Swapping plastic straws for a stainless steel version

Reducing plastic in the workplace

Next up are the steps we are taking at work. We have waved goodbye to the following items both at our headquarters at North Moors in Guildford, as well as our Homefield Sandpit in Runfold, Farnham.

  • Disposable cups and bottles. Staff use Chambers’ mugs and glasses or their own reusable bottles
  • Plastic milk bottles. Milk in glass bottles is now delivered to the company
  • Plastic money bags.  We have asked our bank to stop supplying these. Paper envelopes will do.
  • Laminating pouches. Not necessary!
  • Lunch box containers supplied by external companies. We will only allow cardboard alternatives – or food can be served straight to a plate
  • Hand wash bottles. These are being replaced with bars of soap

We are constantly looking out for single use plastic items that can be cut out – so we will keep you updated on our progress. We hope we have inspired you to give it a go and would love to know how you are getting on!

  • Businesses looking to reduce their waste output and use of single-use items can take advantage of our free waste audit. Contact: