We’ve invested in three materials recovery facilities that enables us to separate and recover materials including bricks, concrete, timber, metals and soil.  Our facilities take waste materials through a number of stages:

  1. A large rotating drum (called a trommel) separates materials based on their size.
  2. Magnets remove steel and other magnetic metals.
  3. A windshifter (or air classifier) separates materials by their weight.
  4. Finally, the remaining materials are manually sorted.

We currently recycle up to 98% of all the waste we handle.

We also crush bricks and concrete and separate out soil and stones from construction waste using a soil washing plant at our Runfold Recycling Facility. We sell these high-quality recycled aggregates along with a range of primary aggregates, all from this facility in Runfold.

All of our recycling operations are licensed and monitored by the Environment Agency.