Jubilee Weekend Opening Hours

An exciting weekend ahead for the Jubilee Celebrations! We wish all our customers a sun-filled, fun-filled bank holiday break. Check out our opening times for both our Runfold and Tipping Facilities. We look forward to resuming business as usual from Monday onwards.

Chambers supports The Green Hub Project for Teens

Chambers is delighted to be able to support the Green Hub Project for Teens with a donation of 15 pairs of steel toe-cap boots to ensure the safety of children whilst engaged at the The Hub.

About The Green Hub Project for Teens

Set in a tranquil, walled garden, the Green Hub Project for Teens is a local community project aimed at promoting the wellbeing of teenagers’ mental health through social and therapeutic horticulture.

In partnership with the GPs, schools, youth agencies and parents, they enable teen referrals to enjoy nature, while gardening alongside and interacting with skilled volunteers and other teenagers.

Their goal is to achieve positive, measurable outcomes for teens’ mental wellbeing, self-love, active lifestyles, social interaction and inclusion, as well as the development and application of a range of useful life skills.

Please support this local charity by visiting their website www.greenhub.org

3 ways to stay green this red, white and blue weekend

Our Queen will celebrate her Platinum Jubilee this week and more than 10 million people across the UK are expected to celebrate over the 4-day bank holiday weekend. Are you planning a Platinum party? From sunny street gatherings to late-night pub openings, many of us will be joining in on the fun. But it’s important to be mindful of the environment and keep celebrations sustainable as we mark the special occasion.

Here are some handy tips for doing just that…

Tip #1: Choose eco-friendly tableware and decorations

The sun is out and it’s the perfect opportunity to spend time with friends and family over good food and drink. However, even if all the food is eaten, putting on a great spread can result in a whole lot of waste.
The culprit? More often than not… tableware! Wooden cutlery, cardboard plates and paper napkins will likely all end up in the bin just a few hours after being unwrapped. So instead, opt for reusable alternatives wherever possible to cut down on waste that will eventually end up in landfill.

Thought about decorations yet?
You’ll have likely spotted an abundance of red, white and blue décor in the shops (how much union jack bunting have you spied?!). And whilst it certainly helps set the scene, much of this is plastic with a single-use lifespan. Why not pick designs that can be used for other events too? More generic colourful banners and balloons will still bring plenty of life to your event but can be rolled out again for many parties to come.

Even better, you could try your hand at making your own decorations. Find fabric in charity shops and make your own bunting, or get little ones involved in an arts and crafts afternoon!

Tip #2: Keep things local

Another great way to reduce environmental impact is to celebrate locally. The UK will be filled with neighbourhood parties and back garden celebrations, so there should be no shortage of invites near home!
A few eco-friendly benefits of staying local are:
·       You can support local businesses by shopping with them for food and decorations
·       Pollution is reduced when you choose a party location that guests can walk to
·       If you forget something, you can pop back home rather than buying something new


Tip #3: As always… reduce, reuse, recycle

Here are some ways to reduce waste this weekend:
·  As mentioned above, reuse decorations at the next celebration
·  Send everyone home with food leftovers – make sure no one leaves empty handed!
·  Wherever you are, designate separate bins for waste and recycling

If you still have rubbish to get rid of, we can help. Our recycling services include:
• Dry mixed wheeled containers
• Glass recycling containers
• Skips available in 5 different sizes

We’re committed to reducing the impact that waste has on our environment, and divert 98% of waste away from landfill at our Materials Recovery Facility.
Contact us today to find out more about any of our services.

Hazardous waste poses fire risk at our Materials Recovery Facility

14 items that ignite when incorrectly binned

Did you know that more than 300 fires happen at waste and recycling plants every year in the UK – often caused by items being disposed of incorrectly? Items such as aerosols and batteries are commonly sent to our Materials Recovery Facility in Slyfield, but these can ignite and put our staff and site at risk.

You can help minimise the risk to human life, business and the environment by making 100% sure that no potentially hazardous items go into our bins, REL containers or sacks.

But this begs the question:
What items are considered potentially hazardous?
We know the rules around waste disposal can be a little confusing so here’s a quick list to remind you.

What materials pose a threat to our facility?

The following types of waste cannot go in any of our bins, REL containers or sacks:

· Hazardous wastes or liquids

· Batteries

· Fuels and oils

· Chemicals

· Electrical equipment

· Paint, resins, thinners or adhesives

· Raw meat or fish

· Asbestos

· Toners

· Explosives

· Gas bottles or canisters

· Radioactive materials

· Nappies

· Animal faeces or cat litter

·  Nappies

·  Animal faeces or cat litter

What makes them hazardous?

Everything on the list above is deemed hazardous by the Environment Agency and must not be disposed of in the same way as general or recycling waste.

If they are, it’s likely that they’ll be handled in ways we would never knowingly treat such items.

They may be compacted, punctured, become wet or get overheated, putting them at risk of igniting.

For example, aerosols contain pressurised liquid or gas that could explode when heated or compacted. Even empty cans must never be punctured as chemical residue could still be inside.

So how should you dispose of hazardous waste?

If you’re dealing with any of the materials mentioned, we can still help!

We provide a collection, treatment, and disposal service either directly or through specialist sub-contractors to ensure your waste is dealt with safely and that you meet all relevant legislation in the process.

If you’re unsure whether your materials are deemed hazardous or would like advice on how to dispose of your waste, please call us on 01483 504595. A member of our team will be happy to advise.

Easter at Chambers

How to avoid an Easter packaging pile-up

The Easter weekend brings countless chocolate eggs, family get-togethers, and a couple of extra days off work. But it also means households create more waste through seasonal packaging, or feel tempted to tackle overdue home improvements – and rubbish can quickly pile up.

Here are some ideas you might find handy this Easter holiday…

Consider booking a skip

With spring in the air and time on your hands, you may find yourself reaching for the gardening gloves – or even (finally!) clearing out the shed.
And take our word for it: there’s nothing worse than using up all your energy getting that done, only to find yourself with another big job just to deal with the waste afterwards.

With 5 sizes available, our skips provide the ideal solution for your soil, gravel, unwanted household items and whatever else you’re disposing of.
Our friendly team offer speedy skip delivery and prompt collection, plus we recover 98% of the materials from a typical domestic skip so you can rest assured you’re choosing a sustainable option.

Get a quote today

Refresh your memory on recycling rules

Our top 3 Easter tips:
1) Packaging from Easter eggs is generally 100% recyclable and can go straight in your recycling bin.
2) Hot cross bun bags remain unrecyclable. So pop them in your general waste bin instead to avoid contaminating recyclables.
3) Don’t forget to collapse all your recycling before disposing of it to free up space in your container.

Wondering how we can help your business over Easter as well as your household?

Whilst our Guildford and Runfold facilities are closed on Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday, we remain open on Saturday (7am to 12.30pm) and will continue to provide our regular services for trade customers and construction companies as well as householders.

Here’s a reminder of our services:

Trade waste and recycling
Enjoy your well-deserved break and let us collect and responsibly dispose of your business waste and recycling.
Our range of containers and services include:
• Simple bag collection
• Small-wheeled containers
• REL (rear end loaders) containers

Bank holidays needn’t mean you lose valuable time. Leave the coordination of your construction waste management to us so you can fully switch off from work.
As well as providing top-of-the-range building materials, you can also count on us to recycle up to 98% of your construction waste.
If you’re about to start a new project, don’t forget our portable toilet hire service is available with speedy delivery. Why not get everything in place before the long weekend?
Find out more

Grab hire
Dealing with even more amounts of inert waste materials than usual? Our grab hire service could be the cost and time-saving solution.
Simply leave your waste in a pile, and our grab lorry drivers will collect it at a time that suits you.
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Need to stock up on supplies to keep you covered? Our soil washing plant — one of only a handful in the country — recycles over 180,000 tonnes of inert waste every year to offer high quality washed and recycled aggregates.
Our range includes sands, ballast, and capping materials, so you can rely on us for all your aggregate needs.
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“I have been a customer of Chambers for 3 years and cannot fault them. They’ve never let me down and are always friendly and very professional. They have taken the headache out of my waste problems, so I thank them and highly recommend them!”
The Happy Hedgehog Rescue

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COP26: What’s next for your business?

The UK Government made multiple pledges at COP26, and whether they fulfill these or not, the great news is:

Businesses across the country seem determined to reach their low carbon targets in the fight against climate change.

Business and Industry Minister Lee Rowley said: “The UK is leading the way in showing how going green doesn’t just make sense for the planet – it makes business sense too.”

With listed companies legally required to release net zero plans by next year, there has never been a better time to get ahead of competitors by reaching your targets and impressing your customers before the majority.

What COP26 means for UK Businesses

The UK government is requesting that most big companies present detailed public plans on how they will achieve the climate change targets set at COP26.

Well over half of FTSE100  companies have  committed  to eliminating their contribution to climate change by 2050 in an effort to keep temperatures within 1.5C of pre-industrial levels.

Whilst much of the focus at COP26 remained on large companies, this will inevitably lead to those businesses asking their suppliers and partners how they’re taking action too. In addition, more consumers are looking to buy from businesses that can prove their sustainable efforts.

Net Zero plans can help your business grow

SMEs account for almost 50% of UK business emissions but they face different challenges to bigger companies in their journey to net zero.

35% of small businesses admit to expenses being an issue in reducing their carbon emissions.

The good news?

Whilst reducing carbon emissions can lead to higher costs at the outset, in the longer term these actions can save your business money and help future-proof against change.

Acting against climate change can:

· Save money on utility bills and travel costs

· Save on materials that are eventually discarded

· Create new jobs

· Encourage investment

· Maintain a competitive advantage (particularly locally)

Not sure where to start? Get involved with initiatives

Race to Zero

The government is calling on businesses to sign up to the United Nations’ Race to Zero.

Almost 3,000 UK businesses have signed up to the campaign (more than half of the amount that have signed up globally), which encourages them to outline how they’re working to reduce their emissions and achieve net zero.

”As the world seeks bold solutions to combat climate change, we need businesses of all sizes to put the environment at the heart of their operations, making tangible climate commitments that helps chart our path to net zero emissions by 2050.” Andrew Griffith, UK Net Zero Business Champion

Together  For Our Planet

Almost 3,000 UK businesses have signed up to the campaign led by the Prime Minister earlier this year to help small businesses cut their emissions in half by 2030 and achieve net zero by 2050 (or sooner).

The initiative will also provide the opportunity to help participating businesses grow and adapt to secure new opportunities. The UK Business Climate Hub provides tools and resources as well as advice on how to develop a plan.

“Every step that a small business takes on their journey to net zero adds up – not only in protecting the health of the planet but also in future-proofing their business and encouraging new investment, new customers and new opportunities for growth.” – Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Your Net Zero journey begins today

The path to going green looks different for every business but there are steps almost every company can take to reduce carbon emissions.

As well as initiatives, here are some other ways to get started:

· Installing energy saving light bulbs

· Switching to electric vehicles (no new fossil-fuel cars will be sold after 2030)

· Eco-friendly packaging

· Working with sustainable suppliers

· Insulating buildings

· Monitor energy and water use

· Install renewable electricity or heating

· Working with a reputable waste management company

The pledges made at COP26 can appear overwhelming at a glance, but the reality is that there are lots of benefits to working towards net zero.

Every business has a role to play. What does yours look like?

Chambers support Tree of Hope

Chambers is delighted to be able to support the recent fundraising efforts for Lucy Johnston to receive life changing SDR surgery to give her the chance to walk.

Lucy was born with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy, and as a result is wheelchair dependent. With the surgery costing in excess of £50,000 the family are raising funds to give Lucy the same treatment her twin brother has received to great success.

Lucy is the happiest child around, her laugh is infectious, and she makes everyone she meets smile. The family are raising funds to help give Lucy the opportunity to live her life to the absolute fullest and make that smile a little bit bigger!

Chambers donated £5,000 to this special cause.

The Tree of Hope

Tree of Hope is the crowdfunding charity that helps children and young people with a disability or illness by supporting their families to raise the money they need to pay for specialist care that is not freely available through the UK healthcare system.

Children with healthcare needs can often benefit from a range of therapies and treatments, not necessarily available via state provision. Tree of Hope supports families to fundraise towards these costs, safe in the knowledge they are working with a registered charity to maximise their fundraising opportunities and get support and help from us every step of the way.

To make a direct donation to Lucy’s appeal click here

For more details on how you can support Tree of Hope please visit: Tree of Hope

New year, exciting new projects

From skip and grab hire to trade and waste recycling, we offer a truckload of services that can save you time and help you reach targets.

Take a quick look at the list below and get in touch to tell us what you need.

Trade waste and recycling

Whatever the size of your business, we’ll collect and responsibly dispose of your waste and recycling, so you can focus on the project at hand.
Our range of containers and services include:
• Simple bag collection
• Small-wheeled containers
• REL (rear end loaders) containers


As well as providing a wide range of high-quality building materials, you can also save valuable time by leaving the coordination of your construction waste management to us.
You can count on us to recycle up to 98% of your construction waste.
We’re dedicated to saving you time and helping you achieve your waste and recycling targets, so don’t forget to take advantage of our free waste audit.
Need to stock up on supplies? Top-of-the-range washed and recycled aggregates are just a stone’s throw away at our soil washing and recycling facility in Runfold.
Our full range includes:
• Washed recycled sands
• Washed recycled aggregates and ballast
• Soils/sub base/capping materials
• Primary aggregates

Ready-mixed concrete

We can deliver ready-mixed concrete directly to your site.
Our volumetric mixers store raw materials separately and mix them on-site, allowing you to:
• Order the exact type of concrete you require
• Estimate the amount you’ll need
• Only pay for what you use

Grab hire

Dealing with huge amounts of inert or waste materials? Our grab hire service could be the cost-saving solution.
Grab lorries load directly from the ground so you can simply leave your waste in a pile, and we’ll collect it at a time that suits you.

RORO and Skip Hire

The new year can bring renovations, home clear outs, and new construction projects. Whether it’s for domestic or commercial use, we’ve got a budget-friendly solution that’s perfect for the job.
Ideal for large amounts of waste, RORO (roll-on-roll-off) containers can be hired as and when you need them, supplied on demand, or permanently left on-site.
As with many of our services, prices are based on the amount of waste we collect.
If you require something smaller, we have 5 skip sizes available for hire:
• 4 cubic yard
• 6 cubic yard
• 8 cubic yard
• 10 cubic yard
• 12 cubic yard

Up to 98% of the materials recovered from a domestic skip are recycled at our recovery facility in Slyfield, making it the most sustainable way of removing waste.

Portable toilet hire

Managing a busy construction site?
Complete with hand basins, toilet paper and soap, you can rely on us to deliver space-saving toilet facilities with speedy delivery.


“Many thanks for all your help. It’s so nice to have a company that just gets things sorted.”
– Charlotte Hargreaves, Porsche Centre Guildford


Contact us today to find out more about any of our services.


Christmas Opening Hours 2021

Check out our Christmas opening hours for Guildford, Aldershot and Runfold sites. We would like to thank you for your continued custom and support during 2021 and wish all our customers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Get HGV qualified with Chambers

Kickstart your career with Chambers and become a qualified HGV driver.
The Chambers Group are offering fully funded courses to achieve HGV Category C licence.  If successful in your application you will be employed in another role within the Company whilst you achieve a full licence.

Training includes:
– LGV Medical and provisional application
– Theory test preparation
– Classroom based training
– HGV driver training

All you need is a clean car driving license. Interested? To be considered please email lynn.theobald@chambers-group.co.uk. with your location and a copy of your latest CV.